What is a 360 Video Photobooth?

A rotating camera mounted on a swivel base. 360 Video, 360 Booth or Social 360, as it’s called sometimes, is a freeze booth kind of experience that makes your guests feel as though they’re being photographed in a high-end paparazzi photoshoot!

With integrated options to create videos, slow-mo's, video effects, animations and audio it’s easy to see why the 360 Video Booth is such huge hit for the selfie-crazy generation of today!

Why hire a 360 Video Photobooth for your event?

Besides being fun and creative, there are other reasons 360 video photobooths help you make the most out of your event.

Gives Your Guests An Engaging Experience
With such undeniably fun and creative prospects as the 360 photo booth offers, your guests are likely to stay entertained throughout the event’s duration, and have a blast!

Creates Authentic Social Media Content For Your Brand
With all the stunning videos and slow-mo's being shared, can you even imagine the impact the aggregated content is going to have on your event’s portfolio and credibility? The amount of authentic UGC generated by 360 Video Photo Booths is definately worth having!

Lets Your Attendees Be A Part Of The Event
It can be a difficult task getting your invitees and guests interested and entertained throughout an event. How can you keep your guests from walking out of the venue at the first whiff of boredom? That's where a 360 degree Video Photobooth comes into play, with much less wear and tear on the hosts. The booth is equipped to entertain both users and audiences. Additional screens can showcase all the videos in a gallery for casual viewing on or offline.

360 Video Booth Comes With Instant Social Media Sharing
Sharing becomes easier and hassle-free with our 360 Video booths - they come equipped with instant social media sharing options. This will enable your guests to capture and share their videos on social media within minutes.

Cost-Effective Without Compromising On Quality
If you’re looking to give your guests an enjoyable and memorable fun experience at your event, but aren’t in a mood to hire professional photographers (because they’re obviously overpriced), 3D photo booths could be a great investment for you to make.

It will not only give your guests a truly amazing experience at your event but will also deliver professional quality photographs, videos, GIFs, overlays etc. that your guests can revel in.

So there you have it. With such wondrous, over-the-top benefits, it’s practically time for you to go ahead and hire or rent a social 360 photo booth for your branded event right now.

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